Wine deserves a pleasant place to rest that is not only stylish but protects the tasty juice from harsh environments. Some wine storage rooms are situated in subterranean areas that are naturally cool and damp. For the majority of potential storage locations that are not, wine cellar refrigeration allows us to store valuable collections in just about any room in a home or restaurant.

Cooling System Configurations

Ducted: These units are self contained, but have the ability to accept ductwork allowing the cool air to flow into your cellar and allowing the warm air to exhaust to an alternate location.

Split System: A wine cellar split-system is a divided cooling system. Unlike self-contained systems, the warm air condenser and cool air evaporator are separated. The condenser is placed in an area that is better suited for heat and noise dissipation (such as outdoors or in a garage), and the evaporator is inside, or near, the cellar.

Split Ducted: Ideal for larger residential or commercial spaces. Allows the evaporator to be located outside the wine cellar and the condensing unit to be placed either outside or in a mechanical room.

Through the Wall: A through the wall cooling unit allows you to utilize a self contained system without the need for any ductwork or refrigeration lines. As long as you have a larger interior space to vent these extremely cost effective units into, they will keep the ideal temperature and maintain the proper humidity for your wine cellar.

Accessories: Choose from a multitude of accessories to add to your cooling system’s functionality.

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